The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of Universitas Hasanuddin Held the 4th International Conference on Science (ICOS)

The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (Fakultas Matematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam/F-MIPA) of Universitas Hasanuddin (Unhas) held The 4th International Conference on Science (ICOS) with the theme of "Development in Sciences Towards Better Quality of Life".

The activity was held in collaboration with the Indonesia Mathematical Society (IndoMS), the Indonesian Physics Association (Himpunan Fisika Indonesia/HFI), the Indonesian Geophysicists Association (Himpunan Ahli Geofisika Indonesia/HAGI), the Indonesian Chemical Association (Himpunan Kimia Indonesia/HKI), and the Indonesian Biology Consortium (Konsorsium Biologi Indonesia/KOBI). The opening of the conference started at 9:00 am virtually through the zoom meeting application and live streaming on Unhas youtube channel, on Saturday (22/08).

Prof. Jamaluddin Jompa, Ph.D (Dean of the Unhas Postgraduate School), Prof. Alexander V. Babanim (Professor of Ocean Engineering, University of Melbourne, Australia), Prof. Jan Leendert Nouwen (Medical Center of Erasmus University, Nerherlands) and Prof. Ulrike Lindequist (University Greifswald, Germany) were invited as main speakers.

In the opening ceremony, The Chair of the ICOS 2020 Committee, Prof. Dr. Moh. Ivan Aziz, M.Sc., explained that the 4th ICOS invited speakers who had international reputations with an amazing number of citations. The number of participants in the ICOS series has increased each year, as well as the research papers collected.

"Since the first ICOS in 2014, as many as 71 submitted papers were published in the proceedings, while the second ICOS in 2017 had 97 papers. In the third ICOS, 260 papers were collected, and in this year ICOS, the committee received 420 papers to be presented virtually" explained Prof. Aziz.

The presented, referenced, and accepted papers will be published in the Journal of Physics: Conference Series (JSPS) published by IOP. The JSPS is listed as a Q3 publication in Schimago.

The activity was officially opened by the Rector of Unhas, Prof. Dr. Dwia Aries Tina Pulubuhu, MA. In her remarks, Prof. Dwia expressed her appreciation for the implementation of ICOS which is one of Unhas commitments in developing academic activities, especially in increasing the output of publication in reputable publications.

"I believe this activity will generate a lot of ideas and thoughts that can produce publications to improve the quality of research for academics and participating institutions," explained Prof. Dwia.

After the official opening, the activity was continued. Participants listened to presentations from the speakers.

One of the speakers, Prof. Alexander V Babanim delivered topic on "Ocean Waves as a Link Between Metocean Time Scales: Turbulence, Waves, Weather, Climate, and Between Environments: Deep water, Coasts, Marginal Ice Zone".

In his presentation, he concluded the need for coupling small-scale models (waves, turbulence) with large-scale models (weather, climate) with regard to sustainable physics and computational capabilities, as well as providing feedback on the atmospheric boundary layer to the upper sea.

This activity was scheduled to last until the next day. For the first day, the number of participants was approximately 300. The first day of the program ended at 18.00 WITA. (* / Mir)


Editor: Ishaq Rahman, AMIPR

Head of sub-directorate of Public Relation and Information

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