Towards a Sustainable University

The development of climate change in the contemporary times has reached an alarming state. To effectively respond to the changes of global temperature, a high emphasis on responsibility has been divided among all stakeholders in the society, including higher education institutions, to take an active role in implementing countermeasures. For the past couple of decades, Universitas Hasanuddin has been well known for its green campus, prioritizing forestation and slowly implement sustainable technology, to counter the impacts of climate change. In 2017, Universitas Hasanuddin’s efforts in managing green public spaces in the campus area resulted in the campus being awarded as a ‘City Forest’ by the Makassar City Government. 


In order to achieve a greener campus in Universitas Hasanuddin, rapid changes in policies have taken place. A number of sustainable measures have been implemented, including measures of water conservation, developing green public spaces, university transportation, waste management, exploring alternative energies, as well as sustainable-development related courses in the university. Universitas Hasanuddin has also continued to be active in hosting a number of International conferences with themes related to sustainability measures, to further accelerate sciences and new developments in sustainability. 


Universitas Hasanuddin has been active in the UI Greenmetrics since 2016. UI Greenmetric World University Ranking is an initiative of Universitas Indonesia to rank universities worldwide based on its current condition and policies related to Green Campus and Sustainability. In 2019, Universitas Hasanuddin is ranked 436 worldwide (out of a total of 780 listed universities), and ranked 25 in Indonesia (out of a total of 72 listed universities).